Hypnotherapy of Metro St. Louis
                          Our thoughts create our lives

What is hypnosis?

The truth about hypnosis is that this self help tool helps ordinary people with ordinary, everyday problems. Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered state of mind that all people have experienced but perhaps not realized.

Anyone who desires to be hypnotized can be hypnotized. Most concerns are about a fear of loss of control, mostly due to stage hypnosis demonstrations.


The fact is that hypnosis actually teaches us to have more control of our thoughts and behavior. Hypnotherapy allows the client to review and change deeply held beliefs from earlier in their lives that are limiting his/her current life. When those beliefs are subjected to the clients review and reevaluation, he/she can make different choices as to how they respond and how those memories will affect their current life choices. Thus eliminating self sabotaging behaviors and making goals easier to achieve. The Hypnotherapist's job is to assist the client in achieving their goals. We do this by using time proven hypnotic methods.


Hypnotherapy is safe, effective and proven to assist with: stress reduction, smoking cessation, overeating, fears, healing visualization, migraines, headaches, setting and achieving goals, and more!